Border & Curbing Designs

Concrete borders are a fantastic way to improve the landscaping of your home. The versatility of concrete curbing allows you to decide where you want a border against grass, weeds, water run-off, stone driveways, large mulched areas, etc. Borderline Designs has installed miles of concrete borders around the Albany Capital District and beyond.  Please give us a call 518-439-5716 for a free estimate and we’ll walk you through all the different options you have for your home.

For a custom concrete border, you choose the pattern, color, and shape!

For more completed/finished borders and curbs, please see our Gallery.

ADK Bear Slate Carved

ADK Bear Slate Seamless

ADK Blue Mountain Block

ADK Petrified Wood

ADK Southern Stone

ADK Stones

Aussie Cobble

Seamless Flagstone

Standard Grey Concrete

Traditional Ashlar

Traditional Diamond

Traditional Random Rock

Traditional River Rock

Traditional Slate

Traditional Spanish

Traditional Double Spanish