Pricing: Concrete Borders & Curbing

Borderline Designs believes in providing value, and we also take pride in the fact that our borders are created from experience. We will give you the most value for your dollar!

The prices for our curb installation services start at approx. $8/ft for standard grey curbing and can go up based on curb profile, stamping options, additional prep work, etc. Most yards don’t pose any major issues. Our online form is typically all the info we need. After a brief phone call, any finer details can be worked out. If either of us decide its best to do an on-site estimate, we’ll be happy to schedule that for you.

It’s almost impossible to give you an accurate estimate over the phone. We’ll review the property, speak to you about your project, then send over a quote for you to review. Please keep in mind any estimate is just that, an estimate. All installations will be measured after completion and invoiced for the footage and work that has been performed.

Make sure you fill out the online form, we will be in touch!

The following are things that will adjust the cost of the curbing:

  • The number of feet to be laid

  • The curb shape used

  • Color

  • Design/Stamp

  • The preparedness of the property (new construction or existing landscaping)

  • The grade of the property (hills, large properties, access difficulties)

  • Any obstacles that are in the path (such sprinklers, roots, etc.)

  • The number of stops and starts

  • Straight versus curved curb

  • Travel distance to jobsite (when out of our normal service area)

We offer special discounts to veterans, large projects, and landscapers.