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Borderline Designs Pricing

Curbing Pricing


Minimum Job $850

Seamless Stone, ADK Carved Stone, or Other Stone Designs




Every job is unique. We will create a natural look that is more durable and customizable to your property. From a Seamless Stone (no joints) to a Custom Carved Stone Curb. We have 6 Stone Textures to choose from.

Handstamp Pattern




These Patterns are Imprinted by Hand. A Texture Roller may be used along with a Handstamp to give the Pattern Texture.

Roller Pattern




These are our most popular designs. The pattern is applied with a roller. Antiquing powder gives a 2 Tone to your curb.

Colored Smooth Finish




Integral Colored Concrete with No Stamp or Pattern.

Standard Grey Curb




Our most economical landscape curbing.

Sealing & Concrete Curing


All colored concrete is sealed the same day. As the concrete dries, it will vary in color. Some areas in the shade will remain dark longer than areas in full sun. This is normal and expected. After a week or two the color will even out.

Miscellaneous Charges

Notches & Cut-Outs for Drainage




These are done to let water out of your beds, otherwise the curbing will create a dam for water to pool. These are done as needed.

Taping Concrete




For some jobs, it is necessary to cover and protect the sidewalk, patio or driveway from colored powders and sealers.

Numbers & Accents


$10 minimum


Our team can stamp numbers, letters, and accents for House or Street Names, Family Names, etc. (limitations apply)

Travel Time




This is a charge for jobs that are further than 35min travel time from Albany.

Numerous Corners & Ends


$15/FT each over 4


Misc Requests




This is pricing for customer requests such as Gutter Splash Outs (as an example).


Damage Repairs


$300 minimum


For repairing any curbing that has been damaged after we leave the property or that has been damaged to existing curbing.


Hand Work


$25 Each


When there are areas that must be formed and finished by hand.



Resealing Existing Curbing (Before)


Resealing existing curbing cost depends on amount of coats needed and if the curb needs pressure washing beforehand.


Resealing Existing Curbing (After)







“It will change your landscaping in only positive ways”

- John & Lisa M., Latham NY



"We are very satisfied with all aspects of the job!"

- Tony D., Ballston Lake NY

Concrete Borders Curbing Landscaping Albany Bethlehem Selkirk Guilderland Slingerlands

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